Thanks to its potential as an antioxidant, olive oil helps to fight free radicals and prevents cell degeneration.

The most important added value of olive oil is its antioxidant power. It contains hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E. It helps to fight free radicals and prevents cell degeneration. Moreover, this oil has the chemical composition most similar to “fat” or natural grease of our body, which is our skins natural lubricant. Due to such a similarity, it is not rejected by human skin but it is allowed to get through improving elasticity, vitality and tone. Olive oil can be used on face and body, either alone or mixed with a mild lotion, to hydrate skin after deep cleansing.

Pour some olive oil into a bowl and add coarse salt (if it will be used on the body), or table salt for the face. Gently massage on the face with round motion. Rub it on the body without hurting.

Olive oil is excellent to remove eye make-up, even better than Vaseline or baby oil. It is also beneficial for the skin around the eyes. Apply with a piece of cotton or soft gauze.

Melt beeswax and olive oil and place in a small mold. It is applied with the fingers and protects the lips from the sun and cold.

Adding a few drops of perfume and olive oil in the bath tub is the best and most pleasant way to perfume and soften the whole body skin. Should you need to regain energy after a long day and sport practice, also add a couple of aspirins.

No previous preparation is needed, just apply olive oil on the eczema to relieve dry skin and avoid peeling.

Olive oil cannot be used as sun cream or suntan oil as it does not have a sunscreen. However, due to its amazing hydrating and anti-inflammatory power, it can be a great help to relieve the effects of excessive sun exposure.
Pour equal quantities of extra virgin olive oil and distilled water into a container that can be tightly closed. Vigorously shake it until it turns into an emulsion and apply it on the damaged zone. In case of blisters, make a pack of mild warm olive oil and chamomile tea using a sterile gauze pad and directly apply on the damaged zone.

Impeccable with an easy and economic treatment that strengthens fragile and brittle nails. Consistance is the most important and most difficult ingredient to get.
Mix three parts of mild warm olive oil with one part of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a deep enough bowl to submerge your fingers. Soak nails in this preparation every night for at least 15 minutes. Withdraw the hands and without washing them up, immediately put on cotton gloves so that olive oil may penetrate during the night.